About Landmark

At Landmark Premiere Properties we create not only homes, but a superior way of living

Our mission is to design, develop and build vibrant communities where life is enjoyed in an atmosphere of wellness and healthy activity, underscored by a sense of luxury. Our residents appreciate the conveniences that come with living in or near urban neighbourhoods that are framed by unique local settings. At the same time, they want to leave behind the humdrum burdens of day-to-day living, in favour of a lifestyle that’s good for the body, mind and soul.

In addition to bespoke luxury homes that are optimally-sized for residents wanting to step into a flexible lifestyle, Landmark provides luxury amenities, services and programs that let residents spend more of their day enjoying all that life has to offer, both at home and in their community. While some developers offer “gold, silver and bronze” packages, we believe that every customer deserves the best. That’s why we’re committed to only the highest level of excellence, platinum, which provides customers with the best service, design and materials, and reflects our uncompromising pursuit of excellence in all things. Combined with our commitment to beautiful, durable, and environmentally responsible materials and design, each Landmark home, regardless of size, is a benchmark for quality construction and tasteful finishing.

Simply put, we’re not your typical residential developer. Our vision is to create communities with a sense of place and well-being for people who have decided they want even more out of life, and want to live well in worry-free homes that are tailor-made for them.

Our Mission

At Landmark Premiere Properties we have just one purpose: to build and develop high quality, individually-tailored, multi-family homes through an innovative customization system that focuses on lifestyle, value and experience.

We know first-hand that no two people are the same, and that the perfect home should always capture the uniqueness and individuality of your personality and lifestyle. That’s why we collaborate with a team of architects, designers, engineers, builders and trades together to create bespoke homes that match the individual lifestyles of homeowners, with exclusive amenities, friendly interior and exterior living spaces, and services that allow them to enjoy a better life and lifestyle.

We recognize that by exceeding expectations for best value, quality and location we can also enrich local communities by welcoming expanding families and local residents to homes that are truly their own. Our commitment to local communities also includes leveraging our innovative design principles and dedication to environmental sustainability to create distinctive architecture and exterior spaces that recognize and enrich the unique character of local neighbourhoods.

As a result, we do much more than build homes. We help build vibrant active communities based on wellness and a sense of place. Just as importantly, we help homeowners and families live life to the fullest and enjoy and a care-free lifestyle in luxurious Landmark homes designed to meet their unique needs and specifications.